• Hong Kong is in the midst of a divisive social atmosphere and political debate. Its younger generation may have lost the zeal for their future and the city.
  • Twenty years have lapsed after the handover of Hong Kong sovereignty to China in July 1997. What, if we have one, is Hong Kong’s education and youth policy to foster the youths to embrace the arrival of 2047, “the end of no changes in Hong Kong for 50 years”.
  • HKEC aims to gather educators and policymakers together to consider the challenges and opportunities facing our education system in fulfilling its promise.
  • HKEC will illuminate the most pressing debates in education today. We will also pose questions about quality education programmes, school segregation and integration, the purpose and future of secondary education and more.


            Specifically, Hong Kong needs review and planning with –

  • the “new” academic structure (3+3+4) that was announced in May 2005
  • new academic structure
  • new student profile including results in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE)
  • new senior secondary (NSS) curriculum, including 4 core subjects
  • fundamental changes in curriculum and drastic changes in the public examinations including the components of school-based assessment